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Saturday, August 19, 2006

All the best to Hunter Brown

Hunter, my good friend and climbing buddy, was married today. It was nice as weddings go - some drama and nerves early on, but once things got started everything went fine. It was held outdoors at the bride's parents' home in Marysville - nice view of the valley. Warm day to be wearing a black tux though...

I've got mixed feelings about weddings; I think that's understandable. So many expectations, hopes and dreams. So many unknowns. Such possibility for love and joy - or disappointment and heartbreak. Guess that goes along with most significant life decisions. Marriage is an act of faith for sure, no matter how well you think you know that special someone you've thrown in with.

I was the Best Man - managed to keep track of the rings and propose the toast. I'm used to playing piano at weddings, not being a participant - being in the background suits me better. I hung around long enough to be sociable and then excused myself. Had to get my rental tux back in time - I'm going climbing tomorrow. ;)

Nearly all marriages, even happy ones, are mistakes: in the sense that almost certainly (in a more perfect world, or even with a little more care in this very imperfect one) both partners might be found more suitable mates. But the real soul-mate is the one you are actually married to.
~ J. R. R. Tolkien

Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgets them.
~ Ogden Nash

A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores.
~ Terry Pratchett


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