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Thursday, August 24, 2006

a poem about nothing

new day,
old thoughts

a tedious ebb and flow,
roll and tumble,
like an undercurrent tickling the feet;
an undertow sweeping, pulling,
beckoning from the deep.

daydreams, illusions,
jacob's ladders of the mind
beguile and seduce,
inviting the vulnerable
on a fanciful journey from nothing, to nothing,
for nothing.

chimeras and will-o'-the-wisps
flit betwixt the wildwood within,
where the song of Old Man Willow spins webs of rumor -
echoes of primal longing -
luring the unwary to a somnolent extinction.

no thing
is what it is.
and something more...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice poem, Devo. Thanks for sharing it. Have a wonderful trip to Yosemite. I am very envious. It has aways been my favorite place on earth, despite my limited visits elsewhere....Renee

4:10 PM  

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