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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Happy 52 Dave

Couldn't drum up any climbing partners for an outing today. Luckily my buddy David called w/ an offer to go mountain biking. Today was his birthday. We pedaled ourselves and his dog Freddy silly this afternoon. Then it was back home for dinner with Judy and Chloe. Of course, in addition to some yummy burritos Dave had a pair of Guinness' ready too. He's good that way. :) We finished the evening by enjoying some delicious home-made marmalade cake and watching The Amazing Race. Good times.

I still get anxious when going to visit the Bonelli's - the past and all that - but that's me. It's not as bad as it once was - more on the scale of 3 out of 10 than the 7 or 8 before. Wish it would change, but I'm not sure what it'll take. For now, I visit as I feel comfortable and don't when I'm not. I think they can understand that.


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