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Sunday, October 1, 2006

My plan re: Princess P

Here's what I've decided: I believe I’ve made it clear to Her Highnesss that I desire to have no more contact with her. I've asked her several times to “leave me alone”, to which her response has been to continue her efforts to communicate with me while working at the gym. These attempts were solely of a personal nature and I've resolved not to interact with her in this regard. I do not trust her - her word, her intentions and her perceptions of me are not reliable. Upon our divorce, she asked that I not bother her anymore and I honored her request. I simply ask her to do the same. I recognize her right as a member to visit the gym. It’s a fact of life and I will deal with it. But this doesn’t mean she has to interact with me. If she chooses to do business while I am working the font desk, I will find another staff member who can meet her needs. In the event this is not possible, I've asked her to respect my feelings and wait to conduct her business at a more appropriate time. I believe this to be a reasonable arrangement and I sincerely hope she accepts it. I've spoken with my managers about the situation and how I'm handling it. I feel I have their support. I've informed her in writing of my decision - where things go from here depends on her.


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