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Friday, December 8, 2006

Sorry kids, love just ain't enough

Mary Cheney's unborn child is the latest victim of the homophobic Religious Right. A choice quote from Carrie Gordon Earll of Focus on the Family:

Love can't replace a mother and a father.

As stated, I guess this would mean anyone not living in a home with a biological mother and father - i.e. single parent and blended families, adopted children, foster kids, etc. - are out of luck when it comes to the big L. And how does this address abusive parents? Does biology trump a functional, caring family unit? This strikes me as ignorant and absurd.

A reader at The Daily Dish reasons for a more practical, compassionate approach:

[The] point is not to compare having and raising a child in some optimum environment, but to the real world fact that few children have anything close to that. After all, there is more to an optimum child-raising environment than just having two parents of the opposite sex. What about having the resources to raise a child properly? What about having two people to love a child a care for it in a world with so many single parents? Isn’t two better than one? I think these are things that those who advocate a traditional family structure always overlook. It's ultimately a question of balance and comparing a situation to what is often the case and not some optimum that seldom exists.


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