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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday - I'm doing my best at being the oldest 10-year-old on the planet. ;) Spent the day skiing (for free on your birthday!) at Steven's Pass. It was icy but I managed to crank out 25,900 ft vertical in 5 hours.

Other going's on: I led my first guided trip for Vertical World on Sat. Took a group of four on a snowshoe trip to Skyline Lake. It went well and they enjoyed it a lot. That felt good. On Sunday I taught a climbing merit badge class to a group of Boy Scouts - 6 hours total, whew! During the practical session one boy took a pretty good fall, but his belay buddy did what he was supposed to and caught him. Scared him pretty good though - it was all he could do to get back on and complete his climbs for the badge, but he did it. The boys all did well and were glad they came. The leaders thought it was a great class and were really appreciative. Two kudos in two days - nice!

Skyline Lake Snowshoe 1/27/07


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