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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You know how you can be cruising along, feeling pretty good and then - WHAM! - something comes out of nowhere and sends you spinning, starts you wondering just what the heck's going on and where you fit into things? Well I had an experience like that yesterday. Time to reevaluate, plan and prepare. New contingencies, new possibilities, new directions. Gotta' keep my eyes (and heart) open, look to the horizon and go forward.

I've been having a pretty fun time lately - climbing outside always puts me in a good frame of mind. Been route setting at the gym more - my favorite thing to do besides climbing. Hanging with some good friends too: Rick, Rosann, Jana & Ben and Luc-ee-duc. Fun folk to climb with, joke with, drink beer and chill with. Good times. Helps with the occasional bouts of loneliness. Thankfully I've been able to share with some friends and it's led to some new connections and insights - that's been a blessing.


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