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Friday, April 27, 2007


Yeah, I'm still here. Been ignoring the blog. Life's been eventful of late but haven't been writing about it.

Going's on:

Climbing - none. Between work, the flu, a cold, and the ever changing weather I haven't gotten out to climb. I'm going to Smith Rock May 4-7 though with Rosann. That should be fun.

Work - I landed a guiding job with Alpine Ascents. I start May 17 with a week of guide training and then begin guiding trips on Rainier. This is a full time gig through August so I'm quitting Vertical World. My last day is Monday, April 30 though I'll still set routes there on a part time basis. This could be a pretty exciting summer - at least It'll give a good idea if guiding is a long-term interest for me.

Love - Rosann & I are having a blast. Went to the ShowBox last Tuesday and saw Rodrigo y Gabriella. On Saturday we danced to the 80's band The Spasmadics at Tulalip. We just have a lot of fun together, whether it's climbing, dancing, drinking wine and watching "House" or going out - we dig each other and laugh a lot. Normal chicks are kool. :)


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