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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Trip

Just completed my first Rainier gig with clients - it went well - I had quite a range of experiences that's for sure.

Sat eve: helped lead guide Todd greet clients and do gear check, then went to Ben & Jana's for dinner and a movie. (DO NOT rent "The Man" w/ Samuel L. Jackson - it's horrible.) Crashed afterwards on a futon in the AAI office.

Sun: 6 am drove clients to Ashford; breakfasted @ The Highlander in Ashford (I recommend the Highlander Hash - mmmm) ; drove to Paradise and began the ascent to Camp Muir, 10,000'. Weather was cloudy and cool but we were told it was sunny at Muir. Usually takes 5-6 hours to hike the 5,000' to Muir. One client began feeling the altitude at 7,500' and fell behind, so I stuck with him. It took 8 hours for the two of us to make Muir, the last 2,000' in clear but very windy and cold conditions. The others were well ahead of us and had dinner and hot water prepared. It took some pictures of the sunset with the moon and Mt. Adams.

Mon: Suzanne and I taught snow school in the morning. My client from the day before was still feeling poorly and was unable to participate. After lunch, while the others packed for the short journey to high camp at 11,000', I prepared to descend with my client back to Paradise. It was a beautiful day - sunny, warm with a light wind. The view was spectacular. Our descent took 3 hours on slushy snow which extended to the parking lot. The plan was to locate a van belonging to an AAI group who was up climbing the Kautz Glacier and drive down to Ashford for the night, but it wasn't in the usual location and we never found it - ended up bumming a ride into town with some local tourists instead. After dinner at The Highlander (seems like I'll be frequenting the establishment often), my client checked into a motel and I retired to the guide house for the night.

Tue: Woke up and had breakfast at The Highlander (!) with the next arriving group of summit climbers led by Pat and Jim whom I had met at guides training - good to see them again. The remainder of the day was spent sitting on the front porch looking over the front yard watching cars go by. It was warm. I took a power nap around noon. Tough work, but we didn't have any idea when the others would return - nothing to do but wait. Todd and crew didn't show up until around 9pm and they were whupped, so I drove the van back to Seattle. By the time I wrapped up all the business and drove to Everett it was 1:30am. Such is life. :)

I didn't get to the summit, but I got some good pic's - will post soon.


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