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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guiding update

Working a lot this past and coming week: 3 days on Rainier, one off; 4 days on Rainier, one off; 3 days on Baker. Good for the paycheck, short on personal time. Good news is the bum nerve in my neck/left shoulder seems to be improving a bit - at least when I'm not carrying a pack. ;)

I'm still enjoying guiding even though I haven't been summiting much lately. The past several trips on Rainier I've escorted clients down the mountain, mostly due to issues with altitude and physical duress. It's a big mountain - many people don't realize just how big until they try to climb it and it often falls to the newbie guide to bring them down. Just part of the job, the pay's the same at base camp as it is on the summit. :)

Looking forward to getting on Baker this weekend - be refreshing to walk up something else other than the Big R.


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