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Friday, July 27, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch

Went to Stitch n' Pitch last night at the Mariners game with Rosann and mom and watched the M's lose their 8th straight game, but I did learn how to knit!

Spent Mon & Tue in Leavenworth helping with Tall Timber Jr./Sr. High Rock Camps - took some kids up "scary" Canary. That was fun. :) Enjoyed hangin' out with Stan too.

On Wednesday I got some private climbing in - went to Index with Mark McDuff. My nerve-pinched left arm didn't hold me back too much, but it's still noticeably weaker than my right. Did a couple runs up Great Northern Slab and Toxic Shock - nothing too difficult, but it was nice to be on granite again!

Rosann and I are spending Saturday at the Capitol Hill Block Party - lot's of indie bands I've never heard of, but Spoon - a new band I like - is playing the evening show. Should be fun. Planning to climb together Sunday or Monday too.

I'm working on Rainier again next week: leave Tuesday for a 4-day Emmons climb, followed by 3 days on Whidbey Isl. with Seth and Kris for some sea kayaking and then another 6 day stint on Rainier.



Blogger Matt said...

see you at the block party on saturday. spoon should be sweet.

9:24 PM  

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