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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Devo doings...

Skiing, skiing and more skiing! I ponied up for a season's pass at Stevens Pass this year and it's paying off big time: could be setting new snowfall records this year. My goal is to hit the slopes every Tuesday and Thursday with the occasional weekend foray with Rosann. Gotta work them legs into shape for back country skiing! I'm taking an Avalanche Level 2 class next week at Snoqualmie Pass for four days - part of my continuing education as an outdoor professional - Avy 2 certification will allow me to be a lead guide for Alpine Ascents.

Been setting a lot of new routes at Vertical World - managed to reset the entire gym in about two months, averaging around 90 toprope routes and boulder problems each. Members have mentioned they're glad to have my routes back - I enjoy creating them, glad they enjoy climbing them. Taught a Boy Scout climbing merit badge class last Sunday and prior to class the Scout Master informed his scouts that we "teach an excellent course and they would get better, more professional training here than in any Boy Scout climbing program." That was quite an unexpected (and welcome)compliment.

Rosann and I are doing well - she's sweet, easygoing and fun. She also enjoys skiing with me even though she hasn't gone off the Daisy run yet. Doesn't even mind me taking off and skiing by myself a bit - I appreciate that more than she probably knows.

Had my nephew Luc and his cousin Xerxes at the climbing gym on Monday. First time for Xerxes, but he took to it right off (he's five); Luc was distracted and fussy this go around (he's two). Grandparents on both sides were present and plenty of pictures were taken, maybe that was part of it.

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