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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Rainier trip of 2008

It was an interesting one in many aspects. Very warm July-ish weather in May for days 1 and 2. Muir snow field was buttery spring corn crying out to be skied. :( Sunburns galore, though I faired well enough. Summit day was eventful - more than usual. Started out fine with clear skies. Had a few clients punch legs through a few snow bridges above Ingraham Flats, then one slid a good ways down a steep slope while crossing to the nose of Disappointment Cleaver. Nothing too to alarming though. Got windier as we climbed higher and on our last push we encountered 50-plus MPH winds that repeatedly knocked some folks off their feet. Finally, just below the crater rim we called it and began our descent. Things were going fine, then just above the Cleaver one of our clients collapsed and passed out. We were able to revive him and get him to ingest some food and water, but he continued to have several more fainting episodes. (He later mentioned he'd felt "out of it" ever since our first break but never told anyone - not too smart. Likely he didn't eat or drink enough during the ascent, add in a good dose of altitude sickness and bam! - one massive bonk.) Eventually he was able to stand and carefully continue down to Camp Muir, though he did faint a few more times along the way. The final slog from Muir was uneventful and we enjoyed burgers and beer in Ashford before the ride home to Seattle. I'm sore, but it's early season yet. Back on the mountain tomorrow for another 3 day Muir trip!



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