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Monday, June 2, 2008


Finally got to the summit of Rainier this last trip - a 4 day climb via the Kautz Ice Chute. Had good weather, very little wind and an excellent view from the top. My next trip was to be my first as a lead guide - again via the Kautz - but I'd been having some blurry vision in my left eye over the past few weeks, so I spoke to my eye doc over the weekend. He told me to cancel my climb and see him first thing Monday morning whereupon he referred me to a retina specialist who informed me I have a detached retina that requires surgery. So now, instead of guiding Rainier and going to Alaska to guide Denali, I'm having eye surgery on Thursday with an expected recovery of 3-4 weeks. Can't describe how disappointed I feel right now.

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Blogger Steve Perisho said...


You're in the ineffectual prayers of this unrighteous man.

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