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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eye on the $

For those who occasionally check in on me, here's wazzup:

With the early darkness and persistent rain, the outdoor climbing season looks to be over and the indoor one begins (sigh)... Hope it's snowing at the pass, I wanna' got skiing!

The eye: I've been waiting to have another operation: 1) the oil that the surgeon filled it with during the first operation needs to be removed and 2) a cataract has formed (a side effect of the first operation) and needs to be repaired. So even though the retina is healed, my left eye is - for all intents and purposes - useless until (hopefully) this final (cross my fingers) operation. Bit frustrating but that's how it goes. Not sure when the operation will happen, hopefully sooner than later...

The job: Vertical World let us know they will be cutting hours due to the economic downturn. This could make things pretty tough: I'm currently working a bare minimum as it is. Would be hard to work less, especially with eye operations to pay for. Not sure what my reduced hours will look like, but it will likely affect my medical benefits. I've been pondering getting my own coverage but that could be tricky on a reduced income...

So I'm doing some self examination, trying to pinch money where I can and thinking of income alternatives until guiding season begins again. If you've got a spare moment in your day, I'd appreciate any thought/prayer sent my way.



Blogger drreneigh said...

Thoughts and prayers definitely on their way to you, dear friend. Love and Peace,

2:08 PM  

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