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Monday, June 7, 2010

First Rainier trip of 2010

As you may have heard there was a huge avalanche on Mt. Rainier on Saturday. That morning, just before 5am, me and my co-guide Lee were sleeping in our cook tent at Camp Muir (10,100 ft.) when a climbing ranger rushing to the accident scene above Ingraham Flats (11,100 ft.) ordered us to prepare and report to the ranger hut, possibly to be part of a rescue party. In the end however we never became involved in the rescue efforts - there were several guides already on scene and the risk of further avalanche precluded us from ascending up to the Flats. Instead we spent the morning monitoring the NPS radio communications on our radios and watching the rescue helicopters fly around. Our clients thought it was all very impressive and though we knew we weren't going to leave on a summit attempt that evening, we conducted an in-depth snow school and took them for a small walk up the ridge towards the Beehive above Muir. Weather came in something fierce overnight and we marched down the snowfield early Sunday morning in soaking wet, whiteout conditions. Next trip is Thursday.



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