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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knee update

The MRI showed several things: some bone and deep tissue bruising on the lateral (outer) side (where I was experiencing pain) and a torn meniscus on the medial (inner) side. I consulted an orthopedic specialist and he said the inflammation on the lateral side was Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) brought on by the repeated abuse I subjected my knees to when climbing Prusik Peak in October. That explains the bone bruising too - ouch! The location of the meniscus tear was a bit of a surprise - it might not even be related to the other injuries and I haven't really noticed any symptoms, though they might have been masked by the ITBS. Good news is the ITBS seems to be resolving - I went bowling last weekend and it didn't swell up and I've started cycling again without issues. Current plan is to rest and strengthen the knees (no skiing until January) and monitor how they feel. If the meniscus tear is asymptomatic then I believe I'll pass on any reparative surgery. My climbing training is going well - haven't slowed down there - yeah!



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